Chilepepper and spice

Hot food can be really cool.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chile and pepper bitter choclate

I could give the chile plants some care, or I could try to fix something to eat for myself. I could also clean up all the mess in our house, or I could take care of some important stuff like the tax form, the choice of how to save for my pension, or just take care of the bills. I could email old friends or do some maintenance of this blog and our other web pages. There is so much to do when your husband is out of town for weeks, you could even take a walk in the lovely sun, or at least go grocery shopping. But all I do is sewing and knitting and eating these choclates we bought at the recent choclate festival here in Linköping. The chile one is great. The pepper one is also fine, but I wouldn't buy that one again. I'm not too fond of the black pepper taste.

Now I'm gonna make myself some waffles since it's the waffle day today. But I don't want to go out, so no jam and cream for me (we're actually out of jam, and we don't normaly keep cream at home) so I'll go for the butter and maple syrup, and dream about my next visit to Ihop. Just two months now until we are in DC!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Some kind of salmon

Excuses, excuses. So, what have we been up to lately? Work I guess. Matli has been working a lot lately, evenings and everything, and now he's away for three weeks on business, skiing and more business. I have also been caught up by my work, and even more by my sewing and knitting. I wonder why I can't control my hobbies? It's always one of them that takes all the time.

I can't blog at all from my new work, and I can't even read other blogs during the days, so when I get home I try to catch up quickly - and then I try to stay away from the computer. I have a really bad neck and arm right now, so I shouldn't be doing this at all...

Anyway, we have had some nice dinners in the weekends, and I'll try to post some of them here, they are all in the camera, but with the chef gone (somewhere near Prague right now I think?) there will be no recipes. But still, maybe inspiration to someone. This is some kind of salmon with I think a hoisin sauce. I remember it was yummy!

Time for bed, work is calling early tomorrow morning!

Monday, March 06, 2006

As new

Don't they look like new? Almost no lice left, much fresher bowls, new soil (totally new or partially new, depending on the shape of the old one). They sure look fresh and eager to produce new fruit. I did save a branch vith flowers on the Habañero Red Savina. I don't know if this was a good idea, but I'll give it a go. Maybe we can get some early fruit if it works.

There is already much lighter out, and that gives the chile more daylight hours, so probably they will start to awake from their winter sleep. I'll have to give them nutrition now. And really watch out for lice... I hate lice! Somehow it seems like it's impossible to grow chile without it. There is one way though, and that is to buy some lice eating insects. But I don't want insects in my house! So, that's not happening :-)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chile takes time

If you'd count the time spent on chile growing it would probably be less expensive to drive to the nearest well equipped grocery store and buy it. The problem is that we don't have any grocery stores with a reliable supply of different chile species. Today I have replanted four out of eight chile plants which we are trying to keep alive all winter. I started with the smaller ones, so tomorrow, or whenever, I have four lager pots to replant. Basically I just cut them short and change the dirt. It would be better to give them new and bigger pots, but we just don't have room for that, so new dirt with some nutrition added will do. There seems to be a problem with lice now again, so I'm trying to get rid of as much of the old soil as possible if the lice live in it.

Still no sign of any activity in the new plants I planted last weekend. It takes more than a week normally, so I'm not worried. Yet.