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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Chile and pepper bitter choclate

I could give the chile plants some care, or I could try to fix something to eat for myself. I could also clean up all the mess in our house, or I could take care of some important stuff like the tax form, the choice of how to save for my pension, or just take care of the bills. I could email old friends or do some maintenance of this blog and our other web pages. There is so much to do when your husband is out of town for weeks, you could even take a walk in the lovely sun, or at least go grocery shopping. But all I do is sewing and knitting and eating these choclates we bought at the recent choclate festival here in Linköping. The chile one is great. The pepper one is also fine, but I wouldn't buy that one again. I'm not too fond of the black pepper taste.

Now I'm gonna make myself some waffles since it's the waffle day today. But I don't want to go out, so no jam and cream for me (we're actually out of jam, and we don't normaly keep cream at home) so I'll go for the butter and maple syrup, and dream about my next visit to Ihop. Just two months now until we are in DC!


At 10:40 PM, March 28, 2006, Blogger Raniandraja said...

I am a chef in San Francisco. I have been making a chocolate and chile cake for many years, now it is quite common. This is a great site, keep it up! Check out my New Mexican post where I search for the famous holy chiles of NM.


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