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Monday, February 20, 2006

The chile club meeting

This is going to be a long post, I guess. Well, actually not really. But I'm gonna try to tell you some about the chile club meeting we recently attended. The chili con carne competition which my husband won has already been mentioned, but there were more to the meeting than just the competition.

First there was the actual meeting with the run-through of the agenda and election of boardmembers and stuff. Not too exciting. We drank coffee and ate some nice olive oil bread with Italian ham. The one question we found most interesting was the one about the website. It's really a mess. So we volunteered to help in making it better. We'll see where that will lead. Another big question was about a club t-shirt. We couldn't care less about that one or the colors of the print on it.

The meeting part was rather short anyway, and then began the chili competition. The participants had to finish their chilies by decorating them or whatever, and they were put on the stove. Then the jury began to work. Really a hard job for the jury! They were fun to watch. We saw them getting more and more color on their cheeks.

When the jury had finished there was a wine tasting with Magnus Sjöstedt from Bornicon & Salming. We have tasted wine with him earlier, on a fair in Stockholm. He's good, but this was a bit of an introduction to wine tasting and wine with food. Since we taste a lot of wine with Munskänkarna, a Swedish wine society where we are members, this was a bit too basic for us, but there were some nice wines. It's always nice to taste a Schloss Vollrads.

After some basic talk about the wines it was time to try them with the buffet. We had all the 11 chili con carnes with chips and cheese, and some delicacies. Great. We ate a lot! And after that there were some baked things to have with the coffee. Almost too much!

The meeting continued with some local growers of spices and vegetables telling us a little about their company, and then the number 1 grower of the chile club, Rune Brand from Örtagården told us about what he had been up to lately with chile growing in Africa.

Only ONE thing then remained on the agenda. The presentation of the winner of the chili con carne contest. But that one has already been in this blog, so I guess that's it!


At 9:01 PM, February 20, 2006, Blogger Yasser Rahman said...

CHILLI! Yummy! Loverly, making my mouth water as i read it...


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