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Monday, July 24, 2006

Growing babies

Finally we've got some small chile babies in our bushes. There are loads and loads of flowers and hopefully we have enough bugs to pollinate them alright. This summer has been nice for the chile, hot and dry, but since we had a lousy start this spring everything is really late. If the weather will continue with a warm autumn I guess we still can have a large harvest this year. And the three year old jalapeño-plant above, I almost killed it this winter. It was looking dreadful, all covered up with lice. But now, its wonderful! Overall we have had very little problems this year with lice.

Now look at these new babies. Jalapeño, Hungarian and I believe it's a Choclate Scotch Bonnet. Or is it a Habanero Red Savina? It's hard to tell this early and those bushes just keep wrapping around each other. We'll see which color it'll turn out to have later on!