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Monday, January 02, 2006

Hot Som Tum

Today it was hot. Not outside but in my mouth. When we ate at a Thai restaurant in Sydney we saw something on the menu that we had never heard of. Som Tum. When we got back home we discovered that it was a green papaya salad. Green papaya was said to be hard to find, bur our favourite Thai store had it. We just love Siam Shop! So today we tried it. Besides the green papaya it contained garlic, lime juice, roasted peanuts, red onion, fish sauce, sugar, tomatos... chile.

It was good. Really good actually, but since my husband ignored the instruction to remove the seeds from the chile pepper it was hot. Too hot. It's not often this happens, but in a salad like this there is no dairy products to take off some of the fire. And it's no rice, potato or similar sideorder to eat while giving the mouth some rest. It's just really hot burning salad.

I had to drink milk, eat cheese and finally get rid of the heat by drinking a can of coconut juice. Good to have at home in case of an emergency :-) Matli cooled down by eating ice cream...

Next time he will remove the seeds. Because there will be a next time. It was yummy! Want to try it? Google it. He can't remember exactly how he did anyway. But do remove the seeds (or use a recipe with fewer chile peppers)...


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