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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Hot kangaroo spotted!

Well, finally! We are in Sydney and our trip is slowly beginning to end, but still some more days left here. Anyway, yesterday we had a fairly hot kangaroo dish! We forgot to take a picture of it, but maybe we can add a picture of a cute kangaroo instead...? No, that would be too much! So, what we had yesterday was something called Peppered kangaroo loin filet with sweetpotato mash. It was good, but not great. In my mind a bit too much pepper. I'm not so fond of just black pepper, I prefer the chile type, but it was good. The meat was very tender and nice. But it doesn't have a distinct game taste, like most of our game back in Sweden. I guess the kangaroo mostly eats grass, and therefore the food is a bit the same as ordinary beef, for example. But much more tender.

We've had some other hot and nice dishes also while being here and also in Singapore on our way down here, but we'll write more about that when we are back home agin, with pictures and stuff. What else to say about Oz? Well, we really like it here and we've had some wonderful experiences. To mention just a few we've seen and cuddled all kinds of australian animals, we've tasted nice wines, we've gotten married and we've been snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef. And everything has been really smooth and nice. Perfect vacation!


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