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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bye, bye my little chile plants...

The chef is on a business trip, so there is not really much cooking going on in our kitchen this weekend. Instead I have taken care of some chiles and chile plants. You can't expect to get a good harvest every year in Sweden. As I've said before we had yet another lousy summer, and the chiles had no chance to be ready before we had to take them in. We can't have plants everywhere all winter, so by now it's time to harvest what we can, and then throw the least interesting plants away. So today I said bye bye to a small Arizona plant, a small Aji Amarillo plant, two Peruwian Purple plants (that didn't give any fruit that the lice didn't eat) and a big Malaguetta plant that just has been a big lice magnet this year (second year for this plant).

So, some plants less and the living room looks a bit more like a living room that it did just yesterday, but still too many plants left. I think we'll harvest all Jamaican Bell next weekend. The fruity ones are not really good in the freezer, so we have to eat them right away. And to do that we need the chef. So, they get to live yet another week.

And the picture? It's a yellow Hot Lemon and a tiny red Arizona.


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