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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Some lunch shopping

Today at my lunch break I took a little shopping tour to take care of some things I needed. Now I realize that I forgot half of them, but at least I got the most important ones done. Anyway, I ended it by walking into a book sale at Åhlens. I should really NOT spend money right now, but there were so many wonderful books about wine and food. I can't make it without buying something! So, I bought a very thick book about wine. Looks pretty much like something for a beginner, but I needed to buy it anyway. There were great pictures and... well, I guess you understand. Have to have it. And so I bought it. Sadly I can't find it online, but it's called "Vin" and I think it's called "Wine" in other countries, and "Le Vin" in some other, other countries. It's written buy an André Dominé, and it's about 3 inches thick. I payed 169 SEK (~$21).

My other bargain is a book about choclate. I love choclate and this book was almost too much. Now I can't concentrate at my work at all. This book is called "Chokladpassion" and is written by a Swede, Jan Hedh. So I don't know if it could be found in other countries than Sweden. Anyway, I found a link about this book and there you'll find some pictures from it. I have to make something from it this weekend. I really must...

I payed 179 SEK for this (~$22) but I actually payed too much. The sales price was only 139 SEK (~$17) but the cashier must have made a mistake. Though, it's no great loss. I joined the club and today was some kind of club day so you got a 50 SEK check for every 300 SEK you payed. And if I would have payed the lower price I would have gotten one check less, and the 50 SEK check was for more than the 40 SEK I lost on the mistake. So, I don't care about all that mess!


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