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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Special spice cake

Today I had to bring some kind om cake to work, for a project meeting. It was my turn, and I wanted to do something special, as always. I did a choclate-jalapeƱo-kahlua cake, made of fine choclate, but... it didn't turn out very special or spicy. It tasted good, but ho heat whatsoever. I should have put more spice in it, but I didn't want to overdo it since I don't know how much my co-workers can take. Probably not so much. I would have given you the recipe if I would have thought it was worth it. Just add some chile and some kahlua to your favourite choclate cake instead. I bet it'll turn out at least as good as this one.

Anyway, I also gave the cake a little decoration. Some years ago some bloke served a cheesecake spiced up with some drug (marijuana?) at his last day of work. Everyone that ate of it went crazy, ill or just tired, and it was big news in national press. Since then we've been joking about "special spices" almost everytime someone brings something home baked to work, or at least if it looks a bit strange.

Since my cake had some special spice in it (though capsicum is legal!) I gave it a little decorational hint...

(Sorry about the lousy picture. I did the decoration at work and the only camera I had was the one in my cell phone)


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