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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Great chicken at Little Bangkok

There is a fairly new thai restaurant in town (Linköping, Sweden, that is), by the same people that have had the takeaway thai restaurant Wokaway for some years now. Little Bangkok is the name, and the food is great. Today I had some kind of fairly dry chicken made with red dry chile peppers, which was served with rice and a hot sauce. This place is a bit different than most lunch restaurants in town. The food is actually spicy when said to be! Well, you don't get burned, but there is spice and they use a lot of chile pepper. If it was less expensive I could eat there several days every week. It's a bit high price for lunch, but from time to time it is definitly worth it.

Now I'm waiting for my fiancé to start preparing tomorrow's dinner. Our last chile paste pack from Rafi's, UK. Now we have to make a new order :-)

And to survive the lovely smell from the kitchen I'll go to bed. Tomorrow is Phaal curry time!


At 2:15 AM, September 24, 2005, Blogger Linda said...

Hello! I am in Toronto Ontario and I enjoy your blog! It's great to see the pictures of the Thai food. We have lots of Thai restaurants here but I need a Thai food buddy. My husband is not very adventurous. Keep it up!



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