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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Slow Food Fast

In Linköping there is a place called Matkällaren ("the food cellar") with the device "slow food fast". It's a takeaway for lunches, gourmet dinners and delicatessen. This Friday we thought we should buy some food there, for no special reason at all. We have only tried it once before when we had an anniversery. It was great then, and it was great now.

This time I started with the main course. Some meat and some potato. They had fillet of lamb and fillet of beef. We had beef the last time, so I went for the lamb. To this I picked out a potato cake with blue cheese and spinach and a red wine sauce. Then I picked out some small rolls of chorizo and some red meat (I have forgotten the name) for a starter. And as a dessert I had to take the pyramid of choclate mousse with crushed nougat. I just couldn't resist it.

For this food I payed a total of SEK 275 (US$ 35). What I had to do at home was to put the lamb and the potato in the oven. The lamb for 8 minutes and the potato for 15 minutes. And of course to put everything on platters, and for the starter I added some decorational stuff to make it look less dull. We had a bottle of Faustino I with this. It was a perfect choice.

The food was great, and we fell in love with the dessert. We would have been happy if we had been served this food at a star restaurant. The quality is so high and the price is less than one portion would have cost if eating out. The concept is great and we'll be buing food there again.

Though, it was no chile or any spices in this except for garlic and some sweet chili sauce for decoration, but hey, you can't eat hot every day.


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