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Friday, October 21, 2005

Curry packs from Rafi's!

Late Monday night we finally got to it and placed an order for curry packs from Rafi's. We had asked our friends to join us and share the expenses. Altogether we ordered 14 curry packs!

On Tuesday afternoon I got an e-mail from Rafi telling me that she had decreased the total number of packs with one, since the shipping would have been the double for the weight of 14 curry packs. Fine! One less is no big deal. And yesterday the packet had arrived in our mailbox when we got home from work!

Our part of the order was 8 packs.

1x Balti
1x Vindaloo extra hot
1x Do piyaza
1x Moghlai
1x Dhansak
1x Xacutti
2x Bombay Aloo

Now we've put everything in the freezer except for one Bombay Aloo that we'll make gorgeous Bombay Potato from and the Do piyaza (Twice as much onion) pack that we'll make this weekend. Ah, we can hardly wait! A pity we didn't have the rest of the ingredients at home yesterday, so we could have tasted it tonight...


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