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Friday, December 30, 2005

We're back!

So, back in Sweden. And it is not at all nice. What horrible weather! Winter!? But the summer sales just started! In Sydney that is... Oh, I'm not at all a winter person. I love summer, hot weather and light clothing. And now in the middle of all snow it feels like if Australia was just a dream after all. But we do have all kinds of evidence that we actually were there.

What am I blabbering on about? This is supposed to be about food or growing, and hot stuff should be involved! Ok, back on track, but where to start? Well, our trip started with two days in Singapore. It was a nice but very different place. We had never been to Asia before, so we had a plan to take this chance to taste some of our favourite hot asian food for real and see if it was anything at all like what we can get here at restaurants or what we make in the kitchen at home. So the first night we went to Chinatown and ordered some hot food. We don't even know what we had since there were no names to chose from on the menu. Instead the menu was a photo album with pictures of the food. Or maybe it had some description also, like "chicken" or "beef", but I think that was it.

Prices in Singapore are very low so we ordered four main courses to share. And they were all good, but two of them were great. It's a common way of ordering food in Asia I think, and it is really good, because you often want to try different dishes, or if you are two persons and both want to try two different dishes, but most of all the same dish it almost always ends up with you ordering the same, and that way you'll only have one dish. The sharing way is much better!

Anyway, the Mee Goreng was nice and a bit hot and tasted actually a lot like what we have in our lunch restaurants. I think we also had some sweet and sour pork that was fine but nothing really fantastic, and a dish we've already forgotten what it was (we did keep a diary, but obviously not detailed enough). But we didn't take any pictures of these two.

But our favourite was a dish with lots and lots of dried chiles, and still, not to hot! This is something we would love to do at home. It had some kind of sweet taste, but we couldn't really place it. It wasn't Hoisin sauce, but sweet in the same way. Do you know what it is? Please tell! We've started to google it already and we're going to browse through all our asian cookbooks real soon. We have to have this one again!


At 9:25 AM, December 31, 2005, Blogger Anne said...

Could it be some kind of plum sauce? Welcome home to the snow - sounds like you had a wonderful trip :)


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