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Hot food can be really cool.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Today I went to buy some spices at my lunch break. We try to buy our spices in some of the orient stores in town instead of buying the small and expensive glass jars found in our regular supermarkets. There isn't a great variety of spices in Linköping, but at Orientlivs you find the most basic ones, like chile powder, cinnamon and cumin which is exactly what I bought today.

Our plan was to make chili tomorrow night, to bring to a chili chef competition on Saturday in Stockholm, but unfortunately the event was cancelled. It was the five year anniversiry of the swedish chilepepper society, Svenska Chilepepparföreningen, but it seems like there were too few persons that had accepted the invitation so the event will not take place now, but hopefully later on.

Really sad, but maybe we'll make the chili on Saturday instead. Even though there is no competition around, it's always great to have some real hot and spicy chili for dinner! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it, even though we just had dinner (Macaroni & Cheese, which I noticed earlier today that also Anne is a big fan of!).


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